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WHO do you REALLY work for?


WHO do you REALLY work for?

Is it the Company you are working for or the person that leads and manages you? Who inspires you, motivates you and supports you?

When deciding where to work, what is it that influences your decision?

Think about this when making decisions around your next career move. I think its important to factor in the person you will work for or the team you will work in rather than the company name on your payslip.

Don’t get me wrong, the company is still very important as it most likely holds true to its values and instills them in to the employees that are a part of that business, especially if you are joining an SME where there is a more personal feel about the business.

However, the PERSON you work with day in and day out will play a big part in your future.

This is exactly why we will only represent the BEST businesses in this industry. Just as we do our best to get to know you, we do the same with the companies and people that are recruiting. Its important for us to make a good match for you both and to ensure you will be happy in that role.

All of the vacancies we are currently working on have been given to us because we have built good working relationships with the people recruiting, therefore, we know them well and can confidently place you with them, knowing you are joining a good team. We make it our priority to understand business culture and office spirit. We have spent the majority of this week visiting offices and meeting key personnel. Having met these people, whether it be recently or in the past ten years, we are excited to be representing them and supporting their growth.

Get in touch if you would like to talk in more detail about any of the roles we currently have listed.


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