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Volunteering at Homeless Birmingham Soup Kitchen



Last night a couple of the Taylor Herrick Recruitment team volunteered at a soup kitchen in Birmingham City Centre.

This was an eye-opening experience for us, by the time we arrived at 6pm there was already a queue of about 50 people waiting for food.

We were handed our rubber gloves and we got stuck into helping the team of volunteers. Sophie was helping out on the stew and bread and I was pouring out cups of squash and handing out wrapped sandwiches, that they could take away for later.
We met an inspiring man called Kenneth who cooks all the food from scratch, he and his partner had prepared some lovely hot stews, hot pots and noodle soups they even had cakes and crumble for dessert!
Kenneth also had bags of donated clothes and blankets which he handed out.
If you are able to donate any items or if you or your company would like to get involved, please contact me on christabel@threcruit.co.uk and I can issue you the organisations details.

Alternatively please follow and like @homelessbirminghamCERTUK Facebook page, Kenneth posts videos from the soup kitchen and posts links on how you can get involved.

Together, let’s help the homeless get through the cold winter!


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