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Struggling to get onto the property ladder? Have you looked into the government backed scheme – shared ownership?



Are you looking to get your foot on the property ladder in Cheshire but are finding it a struggle to afford a full mortgage?

One of our clients might have the solution for you! Bovis have teamed up with heylo (a residential property provider), who provide a help to buy scheme for new build homes called, ‘Home Reach’.

Bovis Homes have signed up to this scheme to help people get onto the property ladder that may not be able to afford 100% of the mortgage, on one of their new build homes.

With the Home Reach scheme, you can buy shares of 25% – 75% of a property. In simple terms heylo will own the percentage of the property you don’t buy, and you will pay heylo affordable rent on the percentage of the property you don’t own. You also have the option of increasing your share gradually until you can afford 100% of the mortgage.

Find out more information and which Bovis developments offer the shared ownership scheme here: https://thenantwichnews.co.uk/2018/06/26/house-hunters-offered-home-reach-scheme-at-nantwich-development/?platform=hootsuite

You can also find out more info and what criteria you have to meet to be eligible for the heylo shared ownership scheme here: http://homereach.org.uk/about-shared-ownership/


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