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Stress Awareness Month


It’s #StressAwarenessMonth and as a team we would like to speak out about how we are trying to deal with a recent bereavement and how we are moving forward as a team. We hope this blog may help anyone else who is going through a family / friend / work colleague bereavement too.

Our director Natalie, closed the office for two days last week as a mark of respect for our colleague and to give herself and the team time to grieve. Natalie booked a bereavement councillor to come in and provide the team with a group therapy session last Friday, as she believes that something like this can cause different types of stress, each of us will be affected differently, each of us will experience different emotions but it all has an impact on our stress levels in some way or another. Natalie felt that this aspect of mental health should be addressed without delay. We used https://www.priorygroup.com who are a private Birmingham based organisation.

The councillor talked us through the different stages of grief and how it’s normal to feel different emotions at this period of time. She also gave us helpful advice and coping methods which has been really beneficial for the team. Natalie is also arranging 1 to 1 sessions with the councillor for anyone who needs any extra support through this difficult time.

Our Director is also attending a Mental Health First Aid course on Monday to give her the additional guidance and knowledge to help support her team going forward.

Other members of the team have previously attended the Mental Health First Aid course and found it extremely beneficial so hopefully it will be a valuable exercise. The organisation is https://mhfaengland.org and we would recommend any other businesses or individuals take a look.

Thank you again for all your support and kind words. If anyone would like contact details for our group councillor or info on the Mental Health First Aid course, please get in touch with Natalie@THrecruit.co.uk

We would like to encourage all Senior team members and Directors to attend a Mental Health First Aid course. It’s so important for managers to be able to identify and understand the signs of mental health.


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