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St John’s Church Soup Kitchen



Last night a few of the team volunteered at the St John’s Soup Kitchen in Birmingham. The charity group volunteer every first Thursday of the month. They prepare a variety of sandwiches in the church ahead of the evening, they also take cakes, chocolate bar and biscuits. This all gets packed into the van along with tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Donated clothes are sorted through and packed too.

When we arrived last night, there was a huge crowd of people queuing up for food and clothes. The sandwiches were very popular and didn’t last long at all. After everything has been cleared away, we got the bags of unwanted Christmas presents out of the van. As we were putting the items onto a table, a large group gathered around and within 2 minutes all the presents had been taken. Even items we didn’t think would go went within seconds. It’s nice to be able to offer something different other than the usual food and clothes, we hope the unwanted presents bring them a bit of joy.


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