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Seek your next move like you’d sell your home!


When you sell your property – do you instruct every Estate Agent on the High Street, post adverts in the local shop windows?

No? Thought not…but why?

As a potential buyer of a property I would imagine alarm bells would be ringing over a house that is up with 4 plus agents (or even two in a booming market) – it all smacks of desperation – of ‘there must be something wrong with that property if it’s up with so many agents’

Good houses sell on their own merits with just one agent

Surely the same can be said of yourself when it comes to searching for a new role. Time and time again when talking to candidates, those who have made a conscious decision to move jobs, I find that their CV is with a multitude of recruiters – WHY?? How is that beneficial? If you’re in a position where by you recruit staff you must know that to see the same CV appear in your inbox from 4 different recruitment consultants starts to tell you that there may be issues? At best case scenario you engage one of the recruiters to arrange interviews only to find that the other recruiters are contacting you wanting to know why you’ve not called them / they had exclusivity / they will be invoicing you / split fees …….. and so on and so on. What a complete pain in the proverbial that is!

In this current market the best way to market yourself is to engage with one recruiter – TALK to them , find out what potential companies they are working with or where they feel they could make an introduction. A good recruiter would tell you that they aren’t on a PSL with a particular company – it’s at that point that you can perhaps contemplate engaging with a second recruiter (but on the explicit terms that they only submit your details to the company’s that Recruiter A can’t get you in front of.)

Take control, ensure your CV isn’t fired out to every company within your acceptable radius…. Do you really want to be represented in this way???

Back to selling houses – having been there a lot myself I know that it’s best to allow the one agent you’ve instructed a period of time to work behind the scenes on your behalf – usually agreeing a term of exclusivity – DO THE SAME WITH YOUR RECRUITER – if they know they have your undivided attention for a set period of time they will work their butts off to ensure you are exposed to the right hiring personnel in the company’s YOU want to work for. Those doing the rounds of every agency in the hope this maximises their chances are actually pushing themselves down the pecking order in terms of time / effort / energy – you’ll be told you’re a priority but take it from someone who has recruited over many years in many sectors – YOU’RE NOT!

Food for thought???????? 

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