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Pay it Forward – Refer…


NatalieHow would you feel if someone ‘recommended’ you to us? Complimented? Recognised? Flattered?

After all, you would only be referred if you were highly thought of.

So would it be nice to Pay it Forward? I think so.

By recommending someone to us you are not only enhancing their future career prospects but you are paying them a great compliment.

In return we incentivise you by paying a generous referral bonus to you one we place them in their new role. This doesn’t have to be straight away either, it can be at any point in the next twelve months. The last thing we want to do is rush or push anyone into a new position and sometimes it takes time to find the right match.

To recommend someone, all you need to do is pass us their name and number and we do the rest.

Thank you in advance.

E: natalie@threcruit.co.uk

T: 01564 797910

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