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Nothing ventured …. Nothing gained


How many of you decided to look at new career opportunities in the New Year?

And how many of you have actually done that?

Its nearing the end of January. Companies are driving forward their recruitment campaigns so if you don’t act now then you could miss out on fresh opportunities to join growing businesses.

Its easy to fall back in to routine but just take a moment to reflect and make sure you are being recognised and rewarded for the work you do, and of course that you are happy in your role. Do you enjoy going in to work? Can you improve your work situation and if so how?

If you would like to speak to me or one of the team about your career aspirations then Id be happy to hear from you. We don’t get chance to list all of our vacancies on the website and often conduct tailored searches for professionals seeking a new opportunity. This would be a good chance to talk through all of the companies we are working with and find out more about you. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

I can be contacted on:

Mobile – 07812 993513
Email – natalie@threcruit.co.uk

Look forward to hearing from you,

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