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No Desire to Retire?


We recently listened to a thought-provoking talk from ‘No Desire to Retire’, they have a free website helping over 50’s find work and now have over 25,000 members across the UK.

No Desire to Retire, set up their website because indeed the majority of people over 50 don’t have any desire to retire. Unfortunately a lot of businesses do not want to take on mature employees as there is an old fashioned perception that over 50’s may not be willing to adapt to new ways of thinking or new technology.

We need to change the mind set of employers and educate them on the benefits of having a multi-generational workforce.

People are living longer, keeping healthier, keeping active and want to carry on working longer. There have been many studies that show that people who keep an active mind and stay in work longer, are less likely to develop early signs of dementia.

There are many benefits of hiring people over 50; loyalty, dependability and longevity.

Find out more here: https://info.nodesiretoretire.com/aboutus/


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