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What would make you want to work with me ‘exclusively’?


What would make you want to work with me ‘exclusively’?

As the market gains pace there seem to be more and more new recruiters popping up. Whilst a little competition is healthy, I don’t like to work against those who are completely target driven and lack the same ethics that we work with at THR.

There are many reasons that I would choose to work with you exclusively. It means a better level of service, a better understanding of your needs and as a result, a better career match.

If you are ‘represented’ by several agencies, this can be to your detriment and work against you. My advice would be to research who knows your market, who has a professional and credible reputation and choose your Recruiter wisely. Recruitment is a target driven industry and the Recruiter will earn a fee for placing you. As crude as it sounds its true; sometimes quality goes out of the window when someone is chasing their target and your CV will be sent out at random in a desperate bid to hit their interview targets. If you don’t want your personal details banded about then you need to work with a recognised recruitment agency who have your best interests at heart.

I train all of our consultants to have ethics at the forefront of their work. They will only work with you on a consultative basis and will conduct a tailored search based around your needs. This is the way we have recruited for many years and have proven ourselves to many built environment professionals during this time. It works for us and we get a lot of our business through recommendations and word of mouth.

So what would encourage you to work with me exclusively? Is it the guaranteed confidentiality? Industry knowledge? Strong brand and reputation? Established network of professional contacts? Or a professional recommendation?

Perhaps this is something that doesn’t really cross your mind when making a career move decision?

I’m keen to hear your thoughts and would like to encourage more and more of our clients to work with us exclusively. When you get in touch remember to ask about our ‘exclusive golden handshake’ – the loyalty bonus we pay back to you when we successfully place you in your next job.

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