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Make your job easier – make your life easier.


Make your job easier – Make your life easier!

Is your own job made significantly easier if you can rely on your peers or team to do a good job? Id say it is and I know for a fact that my team make my job much more enjoyable and satisfactory.

So how can you benefit from the same levels of job satisfaction? Easy – recommend the ‘best’ in your field to me and help me build a better team around you.

I am currently working with most of the regions house builders, some exclusively. We are looking to improve and build teams across technical, land, design, commercial and construction. Think of those who excel in their roles, people you may have worked with in the past, business associates or those in your network. If you are a house building professional with someone in mind then please get in touch confidentially.

The best way to reach me is via email Natalie@threcruit.co.uk or my mobile 07812 993513.

I look forward to your suggestions and of course reimbursing you with our generous referral bonus, once we place them.

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