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Have you just been given a pay rise?


Following dialogue with many architecture / house building professionals, it seems several of you may have had a pay rise recently?? This is a good thing obviously as its an indicator that the sector is gaining momentum and is busy again.

However, having spoken to both employers and employees, there are other things to consider when being awarded a pay rise. This may come across as controversial but I only want to address the reasoning behind financial motivators when retaining staff.

As experienced professionals you are, or should be paid well. Following the recent economic slump many of you left the sector and so no there is a real shortage of ‘good’ people available for the majority of design and technical roles. Job security is a big fear for many of you and so that might put you off moving companies and instead just stay for a reasonable pay increase. Dont let this impact on your actual career progression though; there are still many reasons why you should talk to me and discuss other potential opportunities. For example, exposure to more interesting projects, potential for future progression, glass ceilings being removed, improving skills eg CAD, a more varied role, improving your industry connections and expanding your network, more training and development opportunities…..the list is endless.

Also, one other thing to consider is that the person who might become your new employer is recruiting because they are busy and cashflow is good, so its highly likely that they will be able to match or better the rise you have been given.

One other thing to consider if you have had a pay rise as a result of a counter offer. These are just a few words of advice from an employers / recruiters perspective, and with twelve years in the industry I have seen this so many times. When you think about moving positions, think about the real motivators, what is making you not want to work in that job or for that company any more? Is it financial or are there other things you arent happy with/ Be honest with your recruiter and they will be able to do a better job of finding the right role for you, financial or otherwise. Before you even attend interviews, think about what you would do if your current employer offered you a pay rise to stay. Move for the right reasons and always be open and honest with potential employers / recruiters. This sector is very intense and people talk. Your reputation is your personal brand and you dont want this tarnished in anyway if you dont communicate effectively and honestly. Also, bear in mind that if you do approach your employer for a counter offer, they will know you have been to other interviews and some may feel the trust was broken. They would have preferred you to approach them before and address the situation. On the other hand, should they have recognised your hard work and rewarded you sooner?? Should it have taken another job offer for them to realise your value? Its much cheaper to give you a reasonable pay increase than to recruit, induct and train your replacement! And remember, in a few months time once you are used to the extra pay each month, the original issues and reasons for you wanting to leave will rear their heads and youll be back to square one!!

I hope you dont find this controversial but a useful, informative insight into financial motivators during the recruitment cycle. Always happy to talk if you wanted advice in person.

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