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Why it is important to meet your recruiter


Changing your job is one of the most important, life changing decisions you can make – why would you do this without meeting the person who will be representing you?

There is a lot to be gained from meeting someone in person even if it is just for a coffee or a chat during your lunch break. You will find a relationship will develop quicker, building trust which is extremely important as this person is finding you your next career move. In person, you will be more comfortable and have a relaxed approach when discussing your future, opposed to over email where you might not want to disclose certain information or be reluctant to, not knowing where this information may go.

Not only is this an opportunity for your recruiter to find out information about you and understand your requirements, it is a chance for you to learn about them. Ask questions about them, what they specialise in, details about their company, how they handle their recruitment process, etc. An important part of meeting is being able to discuss confidential matters and to share a knowledge of the industry – again, building trust. From this initial meeting you will also be able to decide how you perceive your recruiter – are they professional, knowledgeable, well presented? Are you happy for this person to represent you? Your recruiter will also be well placed to advise on your own presentational and communication skills.

It is very useful to discuss salaries with your recruiter, especially with the current skill shortage and how the industry has picked up over the past 12 months. It may be that you should be aiming for a higher salary, however this can work both ways and you could be pricing yourself out of the market. Your recruiter should know what salary you will be looking at in relation to your experience and will help you prepare for any difficult interview questions relating to salary and justifying financial aspirations. I speak with hundreds of industry professionals a year so feel confident when giving advice on salary expectations.

It is equally important for companies that we work with to meet us to discuss their requirements. I am often asked about the clients we work with, size of the team, work ethic, goals, targets, culture and office atmosphere. When meeting clients, we are able to discuss requirements in more detail to specify exactly what they are looking for. Being told a company require a ‘Land Manager’ for example, doesn’t give us enough information to fill the role successfully and do a tailored search for the right candidates.  Different roles require different attributes, some of which can only be determined in person, for example if the role is client facing, is the person well presented, confident, good persona, etc?

In the same vein, it’s also essential that I meet with my clients, especially if it is at their offices. This is because it is good to describe the location and layout of the office when speaking to you as it helps you get a better feel for the company. Even assessing parking is advantageous for me as it’s useful to know what parking facilities a company has for your interviews and if you join them. All of this enables us to build stable, professional working relationships and ensures we continue to do a professional job.

At Taylor Herrick Recruitment, we offer a ‘golden handshake’, referral bonuses plus quarterly incentives for working with us too. We also get a lot of positions exclusively based on word of mouth and where other clients have recommended us.

If you are happy with your recruiter, their communication with you and how they work, you could use them again in the future exclusively (if you weren’t already) – why would you use more than one recruitment company? For more on this, please see Ruth Whitehouse and Natalie Taylor Herrick’s posts: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-would-make-you-want-work-me-exclusively-natalie?trk=mp-reader-card


Exclusivity isn’t something clients enter into very often, however we have been fortunate to gain this with many of our clients as we have consistently delivered for them across their different disciplines.

This might be something that you don’t think about when working with recruiters however, I think it is important to get to know you on a personal level – I have found I have many things in common with the professionals I work with. This improves the connection of who I work with and also broadens the topics that can be discussed, it doesn’t have to be strictly about work! If you have any thoughts, I would be keen to hear from you on daniel@THrecruit.co.uk.

Please feel free to add me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (@THRDanC).

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