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How important is body language and para-linguistics?


Tips to enhance your communication skills.
Here is something you may not have thought about – how important is body language and para-linguistics?

For anyone that has an interview to attend, its important that you prepare well. You might think that this means researching company websites, searching for the interviewee on linkedin, ensuring you know how long its going to take you and even preparing your own set of questions.

I learnt recently that when we meet someone, only 7% of the impression we create is done with words.

THINK about how you come across. 55% of that impression is created through body language (eye contact, eye movement, facial expressions, posture, gestures, appearance, proximity, odour, emotions). 38% is created with para-linguistics (your pitch – high / low, pace – calm / mellow / slow / fast, tone, inflection, volume, gasps, sighs, enthusiasm)

People buy people so prepare well and think about how you come across. Be aware of your actions and how you are perceived.

Good luck with your forthcoming interviews.

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