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Getting to know Genevieve…

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What made you want to work for Taylor Herrick Recruitment?

Before Taylor Herrick Recruitment, I had worked in the Service Industries for over 13 years but felt I had got to a point where progression seemed impossible and I was learning less and less as the years went on so was on the lookout for a change.

I met Natalie via this previous career and spoke to her often about Recruitment and the Built Environment and found it fascinating and something I thought I would be good at and a career I would be able to grow and progress through.

Who is your inspiration?

I would say that my Mum is my inspiration. She has had a fabulous career within the NHS which spanned over 30 years, where she started as a post graduate Speech Therapist, finished at Director level within a Primary Care Trust and chaired the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists at the same time. Her ability to push herself forward in her career, whilst raising 3 children, and her thirst to constantly be learning and progressing is a huge motivation to me.

What three goals would you like to accomplish by the end of the year?

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I enjoy the variation that my job offers- no 2 days are the same. I also enjoy the Design and Technical roles I work on. I find the candidates’ skills incredible and the opportunities we have to offer interesting and finding the right candidate feels like a great achievement.

What do you like doing in your free time?

In my spare time I like to spend time with my family and friends. I’m very adventurous and sociable and open to most activities, so am not one to spend my time off sitting still.

What is your favourite film, book and song?

What quote do you live by?

“An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind” M. K. Ghandi

Do you have any bad habits?

I’m a perfectionist and can be a bit of a control freak at times.

What has been your best moment of 2018 so far?

My best moment of 2018, so far, is learning to surf down in Cornwall.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years’ time?

In 3 years’ time, I’d like to be a Recruitment Consultant, working with housebuilders for the Design and Technical sector and looking to achieve my Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management.

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