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How to get Headhunted (by the best in the business)



I went to a salon last night and started to read an article about how to get headhunted. Given that this is something I do day in and day out, I felt it was something I could share with you all, albeit I am writing from a ‘recruiting’ perspective.

In a buoyant market, employers are using the services of headhunters more than ever. Here are a few tips to help you get recognised.

Be visible

Make sure that your social media pitches you in the right way. Your linkedin profile should be as informative as possible – this profile is there to ‘sell’ you. Make sure your experience is well presented and professional. Potential employers and recruiters will look at your on-line presence so may ‘google’ you – what comes up? Does your Facebook page let you down? We are all human but bear this in mind when you think about WHO might be googling you.

Be connected

Keep yourself in the loop, speak to the right people and move in the right circles. Make it your business to understand your competition, WHO you would want to work with, WHY you would want to work with them. Recruiters play a big part in this. They are well connected, they have market knowledge and they can educate you.

Be wise

Choose Wisely – who do you want to represent you? Who have you chosen to recruit for YOU in the past? Build a relationship with someone who you believe is credible, honest, professional and who shows integrity. How long have they been in THEIR job? WHO else do they recruit for? Don’t let the wrong recruiter represent you, just because they are pushy. Anyone can be taught pressurising sales tactics but do they understand your job, your needs and your aspirations? Choose your recruiter wisely then build that relationship. Communicate regularly with them so they know when it is worth contacting you, if at all. WHAT would it take for you to move to a different business? Make sure they understand you so that they present you in the best possible light.

Be focussed

Have you thought about your next step and what you need to do to get there? Be focussed on that so that both you and the person representing you are clear on your direction. Make sure your online profile or CV uses positive terminology and refers to your capabilities. Think about the key words and buzz words that might be searched at the next level. For example, if you are currently at Construction Director level and your intention is to become Managing Director, use those words in your profile and refer to some of the board tasks of an MD that you can demonstrate you do now. As part of your synopsis you might talk about your aspirations to move to Managing Director so that these keywords make your profile or CV more easily searchable.

And finally, be discreet

Can you trust your recruiter not to repeat your conversations with people irrelevant to your search? Discretion is everything. The last thing you need is your employer being made aware of your intentions before you have secured your next dream job.

For more hints and tips or for a discreet discussion about your career aspirations, please do contact me in confidence. My number is 07812 993513 or my email is natalie@threcruit.co.uk

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