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Our “Exclusive Golden Handshake’


Our ‘Exclusive Golden Handshake’

What better way to celebrate starting your new job than with a golden handshake from your Recruiter. Read below to see how you can redeem your £150 cash gift.*

Most of the placements we make are done on an exclusive basis, which means that quality and ethics are at the core of our delivery.

When you register with a recruitment consultant you are requesting a service; if you are seeking a career move you will expect us to support you in the most professional manner.

In order for for us to meet your high expectations we need to work with you ‘exclusively’ and this is why…….

Are you a professional seeking a career move?
If you work with us exclusively then:

– we can control the recruitment process on your behalf and streamline communication. You still have a day job and wont have time to chase applications, organise interviews etc.

– if another agency believes you are going to find work through us they may try sending you to pointless or inappropriate interviews so that they don’t lose their fee for placing you. Sad but true.

– If companies receive your CV more than once this can scream desperation. Its much better to have a tailored bespoke approach to this.

– we will naturally work harder for you in your pursuit of a new job or career, given that you are relying on us solely to do this for you.

– Its easier to tell one person in great detail your needs, career aspirations and goals rather than having the same, less detailed conversation for three or four people.

We are well established within the markets that we recruit having been delivering this service for twelve years. Our aim is to continue to build sustainable business relationships which will also help you with increased professional networking and referrals / recommendations.

Luckily, most of the people we work with already use us exclusively as we have proven our reliability. However, this is food for thought for those of you that currently use more than one Recruitment Consultant.

Taylor Herrick Recruitment: Professional Recruitment Consultants

Professional : ‘the practising of an activity, especially a sport, by professional rather than amateur players‘

Recruitment: ‘the process of finding people to work for a company or become a new member of an organisation’

Consultant: ‘a person who provides expert advice professionally’

Putting the ‘professionalism’ and ‘consultancy’ back in to ‘recruitment’

To talk to us in confidence, please call us on 07812 993513 or email Natalie@threcruit.co.uk.


*This offer applies when your start date is on our after 31st January 2014 and you have completed our exclusivity form with your recruitment consultant.




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