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Ethical Recruiter?


Ethical Recruiters: What does this mean?

Having worked in recruitment since 2000 (with the wrinkles to go with it), time and time again I seem to come up against the same old issues. Agencies submitting candidate CV’s without either:

Calling the candidate first to screen them
Not fully screening the candidate to ensure the role is right for them, and the company is right for them

For me, an ETHICAL recruiter will NEVER submit a CV to a client without first ringing the candidate, carrying out a full screening of the candidate against the brief, and equally important, discussing with the candidate who the END CLIENT is – it’s not rocket science but I am amazed at how many recruiters seem to miss this part out?????? Would you apply for a role with an unknown company? How do you know that company is right for you, or even if there is a conflict of interest – could you imagine your CV being sent to a client and that CV happens to be seen by your ex-partner, with a custody battle raging. Okay, this is an extreme, but similar scenarios could happen. At basic level, common sense should prevail:

Job vacancy = application = candidate fully screened for both the role and company = permission given for CV to be submitted = interview = placement = happy candidate / client

Can you honestly say the recruiter you are currently using works this way??? Hand on heart, having been around the block, I would argue that only a handful do this – don’t risk putting all your vacancies / job aspirations in the hands of a recruiter that does not do this. If you aren’t told who the client is – WALK AWAY.

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