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Building Relationships – Whats your medium?


Building relationships – whats your medium?

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to meet people. Interesting, inspiring and professional people. I also get to work with these people over lengths of time and build relationships. This is the part I really enjoy. Getting to know one another, understanding needs, expectations and aspirations. Only then can I do the best possible job.

What interests me though is the psychology behind this. Given the choice, how do you decide? How would you choose which Recruiter to appoint? As recruiters, we have to be confidential, discreet, professional, approachable, honest and trustworthy. We also have to be knowledgeable, well connected and respected. I would refer to some of these as soft skills, which may not necessarily be visible via a website or job board.

If you haven’t met me before then how would you be able to judge whether I had the skills needed to meet your needs?

Taking this into account, I realised I needed a medium to convey these attributes, to give you the confidence to contact me. This is why we have taken the innovative approach to give you video vacancies. Hopefully, these portray just enough about the role to determine whether youd be suitable, without too much information to bore. Every time we take on a new role we will be ‘talking’ you through the opportunity.

We hope that you find the videos personable and professional. As always we welcome any feedback you have.

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