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Would you build houses if you weren’t going to get paid for it?


Have you ever wondered why working exclusively is so important to us?

We take pride in what we do – we want to put our full attention in to providing the perfect candidate as opposed to rushing against other agencies on a first come first served basis. When you are working in competition it doesn’t make you work harder it makes you deflated and frustrated as you are restricted in the level of service you can provide.

Exclusivity means YOU are our ultimate priority. YOU get 100% of our time. If we are working against 4 other agencies there’s only a 20% chance we will fill your roles meaning that potentially 80% of our time is wasted. This is not a commercial business model and fortunately most of our clients see this and value the work we do for them on an EXCLUSIVE basis.

We take time to carry out due diligence ensuring we aren’t in breach of any data protection or employment legislation – the agencies that fling CV’s across in a rush do not!

Wouldn’t you prefer to be working with a specialist who can tailor their work to you?

Would you spend time designing a building if there was only 20% chance (or lower) that you would actually get paid for it?

Would you spend time instructing trades and labour and be liable for their costs if there was only a marginal chance that your client would pay you? I guess the answer is no, and the same applies to us.

Our recruitment business model is predominantly contingency work but we have faith in ourselves and are happy to commit to exclusivity knowing that we will deliver.


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