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Improvements to city centre living!


Our Director, Natalie attended an informative Birmingham Chambers of Commerce speaker breakfast last Wednesday. The event was focused around Construction in Greater Birmingham.

It is great to find out what the government is doing to help improve city centre living and the actions that are being put into place to help with the pollution in Birmingham. The clean air zone is set to come into force in Birmingham in January 2020. This will hopefully encourage more people to try and take public transport into work or arrange car shares.

Less vehicles in the future will mean developers won’t need to factor in the need for so many car parking spaces, these spaces can be re-used for offices, accommodation or public gatherings. We think due to these environmental changes, the city will become a nicer place to spend time in and bring up families. The future construction focus is on ‘height’ in order to create more homes, i.e. many more apartments are set to be built.

It is also fantastic to hear about all the exciting upcoming construction projects in Birmingham. The Commonwealth Games in 2022 will create a wealth of new jobs and new builds that are set to be inhabited after the Games have finished.

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