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As our housebuilding industry is set to rocket – how do you grow without the best resource?


8931832451_9720cff219_zDon’t waste your time and money recruiting the wrong candidates for your company. Invest some time in finding a recruiter that best fits your company needs and that will help your company grow from strength to strength.

Bear in mind not just upcoming roles but future roles that your recruiter could be on the lookout for. Think about the saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know”! Don’t narrow your candidate search to tight criteria guidelines, be open to people who may not have years of experience and expertise in a certain field. If the job is entry level or there is potential for training, why not open the role up to people who have a passion to work in the housebuilding industry but may not have had the opportunity to go to University or who have recently changed career paths and may not have a vast amount of experience.

Recruiter’s should encourage businesses to consider people who have the right attitude, ability, potential as opposed to just experience. Encourage employers to understand that the time spent waiting for the right experience could be used to train, mould and nurture someone with less experience.

If someone is passionate and has great references then it is definitely worth being flexible in your approach to the way you hire.

Our advice is to form strong relationships with your recruiter, communicate your needs clearly, listen to the recruiter’s advice, be open minded and have a flexible approach to hiring.


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