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Natalie’s top tips on how to achieve a healthy work life balance


In the spirit of #WellnessWednesday our Director, Natalie has shared her top tips on how to achieve a healthy work life balance and how to prepare for a productive week.

See below Natalie’s 7 main principles to follow:

  1. Make sure you try and get some fresh air and do a bit of exercise on your weekends. (If you’ve had a stressful week this will help release any tension and help focus your mind).
  1. When you get home try and zone out, watch a film or read a book to take your mind off work.
  1. On a Saturday morning pop into the office and review the weeks productivity and plan for the week ahead, without distractions.
  1. Check your emails and prioritise your work load on Sunday evening. (Natalie likes to plan her time spent with her consultants for the following week, so she can get the best out of her staff).
  1. Plan your meals for the week on a Sunday evening. (This will help you eat healthier and free up some of your time).
  1. Try and get at least 7 hours of sleep a night and wake up early! (Natalie likes to keep a pencil and paper next to her bed, so she can note things down if she wakes up in the night, this helps her get back to sleep).
  1. Wake up early and spend the first few hours of your day thinking of fresh ideas. (Natalie enjoys the 45-minute drive from her Henley office to her Sutton office, as she spends the time thinking and strategizing).


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